Sunday, 18 January 2009


I have decided to create something differnt, & also decided to start all over again, as my computer has some issue's too, so from now on, if you are interested, please convert to my new blog.... I will be puting up a new sketch today, that i will also be hosting over at please take part, cant wait to see what you all create!!


Saturday, 10 January 2009

11th January sketch's

Well i have decided im going to start publishing my sketch's on here. Every week i create a page sketch & a card sketch for i am a design team member on there & every week i try to post my own take on my sketch too, it's only right, right? lol

So here is my first week for here...

PAGE sketch


CARD sketch


My sketch's are going to be here for inspiration only, although if you would like to lift them in any way, when posting them on your blog, please leave credit etc, or even email me with your take & i'l get post it on my blog too!!

Happy Day's

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

In house pharmacist

You wanna see my medicine cabinate??

If it was'nt bad enough, i have to yet MORE med's to add to it, i had a phone call from mikey's teacher today, "we are concerned about the rash he has on his feet & face"....ok, i knew about the feet, but face?? She urged me to get it checked out.

Im not one of those mum's that panic straight away, so when the teacher was telling me about the rash on his face, it was no more than the spot's he went to school with, he has eaten way too much chocolate over the holiday's. As for the rash on his feet, i did'nt know about & has come up whilst he was at school. Although he did have that same rash on the inside of his arm, which i thought was just a heat rash, our heating has been on almost constantly for the last couple of week's!!

So at the dr.s, he tell's me mikey has eczema

So not only do i have his adhd medication, kaci's astma med's, my med's for hayfever, which happen's be slighty longer than seasonal!! my contricetpive's, 4 different type's of infant/child suspension's AND 3 different type's of allergy med's, i now have to add to the collection with eczema med's too.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy new year!!!

So how is the first day of the new year going for you?
I did have a bit of a hangover this morning, but i have had a nice bath & some lunch & i am ok now, lol, too much sauce last night!!!

Anyway, we had a party & lots of food & loud music, dancing with friend's & having a laugh with family, was very fun, i did a spread & i even made some decoration's,


ALL idea's came from shanna here is a link to her blog & im sure you can see the difference, lol!!! One of mant blog's i visit, im sorry i dont leave many comment's but i spy, lol!!!

Here is a picture i took on boxing day, on the left is gary & the right is a friend, & my other friend, bought them these t-shirt's. English slang meaning, "i been smoothing the cat" & "these are my trainer's ok" lol. I love these & they suit's there character's very well!!!!!

Ok one more photo i just have to share with you becoz, on treasured scrapbooking they have a thread up for you to post a page from january & december 08, here is my page from january, i love this one becoz it show's the pp & i love how i did the title too....

So i hope you all have a wonderful start to the new year,

Happy Day's, from all of us slade's!!!