Tuesday, 6 January 2009

In house pharmacist

You wanna see my medicine cabinate??

If it was'nt bad enough, i have to yet MORE med's to add to it, i had a phone call from mikey's teacher today, "we are concerned about the rash he has on his feet & face"....ok, i knew about the feet, but face?? She urged me to get it checked out.

Im not one of those mum's that panic straight away, so when the teacher was telling me about the rash on his face, it was no more than the spot's he went to school with, he has eaten way too much chocolate over the holiday's. As for the rash on his feet, i did'nt know about & has come up whilst he was at school. Although he did have that same rash on the inside of his arm, which i thought was just a heat rash, our heating has been on almost constantly for the last couple of week's!!

So at the dr.s, he tell's me mikey has eczema

So not only do i have his adhd medication, kaci's astma med's, my med's for hayfever, which happen's be slighty longer than seasonal!! my contricetpive's, 4 different type's of infant/child suspension's AND 3 different type's of allergy med's, i now have to add to the collection with eczema med's too.

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Jennifer Hodge said...

Awww taylor has eczema too! Haveyou changed your laundry soap at all sometimes that affects it.